Why to use voting by comments instead of reactions in Facebook live polls

Facebook live comments polls can be considered as most fast growing ones due to several reasons. The main is that Facebook recently updated their Guidelines. Thus one of the rules in Terms of Use postulates: "Don't use Reactions for polls in video where the whole stream consists of static or looping graphics or images.". But as you could notice, everyone is still actively using it. In LiveReacting we tend to encourage transparency, that's why this statement can be also found as a note while creating voting by reactions polls through our service. We encourage you to give a preference to voting by comments polls. They are same easy in creation and can give you same (or even higher) coverage of your posts and page in Facebook.

LiveReacting currently proposing 5 templates for Voting by comments polls which gives you a wide range of opportunities and ways to use it. Let's check what's the difference.

Voting by comments (custom background)


The newest and the most popular among comments reactions templates so far. Gives an opportunity to customize an image you use as background, as well as comment option. Title and subtitle are also optional. As a result, the most flexible template to use. In addition, has wide format of video.

Voting by comments


Has wide format as a previous one and feature to customize your comment options to vote. Title and subtitle are also optional.

Voting by comments (for 2 and 3 options)


Two templates for different number of options available. You can specify two or three options to vote, depending on the template you choose. Setting of options goes via hashtag sign (#). Title and subtitle can be specified by user.

Voting by comments (for 4 options)


In case you need to set four options to vote for, you can use this template. Specify a text for each option. Comments should consist of letters (A, B, C or D) only to be counted in live stream result. Title and subtitle can be specified by user.

But what are the benefits, except of just following Facebook TOS, to use Facebook live comments poll?

Answer yourself a question: what looks more impressive for an accident visitor of your Facebook page - likes or comments of the posts? The response is obvious, right? Likes of post can give a good statistics, while comments shows REAL engagement of REAL users. Encourage your customers to speak out loud their opinion, not just show their reaction on something. Initiate customer-brand and customer-customer dialogs. Let people talk and not just click on funny signs emotions.

Stay engaging. Stay real. Stay LiveReacting.

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